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101 ways to eat cottage cheese

This BFL/Exercise/Nutrition thing is getting to me. How come it's so dang hard?

This may or may not count as reasons for those periods of time where it feels impossible and you wonder why you're bothering; but it's another set of factors to consider... <climbing on soapbox, so be warned>

First off, BFL is hard work. Any change is.
Even though we've all made a commitment to be there, and we want the changes, it takes a while before the realization of how hard this can be sinks in. I'm not saying that in a negative way - being a nice person is hard work too, and I'm willing to bet no one here randomly goes around "picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head". :-) But none the less, there is a sort of mental point when this seems like a LOT of work and you aren't sure mentally and physically if you really want to stay committed to it.

Your body doesn't LIKE getting skinny - it worked HARD to store all that nice fat to protect you in times of need, so it can think you are crazy for trying to get rid of it. Cravings can come from here; depression can come from here. You just need to be aware of it, and keep re-affirming the decision you made to start this road in the first place.

We're accustomed to being able to eat what we want, when we want - and not having to think about it - BFL doesn't let you do that. You have to actually PLAN and THINK about what you're eating. Sometimes this can feel like it's infringing on your 'inalienable rights' - even though it's for a good cause.

Lastly - we're accustomed to high reward, not a lot of effort. We'd all like to wake up one morning and be skinny and sexy and not have to do anything for it. BFL means admitting that won't happen; and hope is the most stubborn creature possible, even when it is actually being a roadblock to our success.

So, how do I keep on keeping on?

I tend to think of my commitment to BFL like my commitment to my husband. Love (for yourself and others) is about waking up and making the same decision every day. The decision to be in the moment, to do the best you can and to know that sometimes this will be hard, will be frustrating, will make you cry. But it will also make you aware of things you've never seen before, never done, laughter from your deepest heart and joy just in being alive.

Remember that the WORST day with someone you love (and yes, this does include yourself) is better than the BEST day with anyone else. It's all worth it in the end. :-)

<climbing off soapbox, hoping I didn't scare anyone too terribly.>

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