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BFL / Health and Fitness Stuff
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101 ways to eat cottage cheese

This is a series of links that go to pages where for no obvious reason I got fascinated by a subject and felt compelled to do a bunch of research and share it.

Here we go!

This is a list of all the crazy things I've gone and gotten fascinated by at one point or another and decided to do the research and post thing. Collected and sort of organized for your entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: And not just the legal variety

Body Fat Details

Body Fat & BMI


Ways to Measure Body Fat

Why does my body fat vary from day to day or from morning to evening?


Where to go for info on how to find a personal trainer

Tom Venuto on A.M. Fat Burn

What type of exercises to do with weights

How does timing of lifting and lowering impact weight training?

Bad Knees and BFL

HIIT (cardio) - Is 20 minutes really enough?


Recovering from Overtraining?

Why should I do Warm Ups and Cool Downs?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - a.k.a. "Why do I hurt"

Nutrition (and Supplements)

How can you gain weight?

Soy vs. Whey Protein

Net Carbs & Sugar Alcohols

What protein bar should I get?

Hydroxycut and other thermogenics

Betagen = Creatine + L-Glutamine + HMB

Glucosamine - with or without Chondroitin - What is it?

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)


101 Ways to eat cottage cheese

"Brink's Unified Theory of Nutrition"


Intro to BFL (DancingBlonde's verbal vomit)

Dieting and Breast Shrinkage

How can I NAIL this BFL challenge?

How come fitness is so hard?

Tips and Tricks - Protein Shakes, Boring Workouts and Yoga

Is it easier to STAY fit vs. GETTING fit?

Will BFL help me get rid of cellulite?

Dancing Blonde - Your ticket to randomness