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Cottage Cheese Spread
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101 ways to eat cottage cheese

Cottage cheese spread

1 pint lowfat cottage cheese
1/4 cup water
4 Tablespoons nonfat dry milk
2 packages ButterBuds (butter flavor mix)
1-3 packages Splenda sweetener (the amount is to your taste preference - can also use Sweet-N-Low or Equal, but I think Splenda tastes better.)
Put all ingredients in the blender. Blend on low and increase speed until smooth. Pour/scrape it all back into the cottage cheese tub and store in refrigerator. This is less than 7 calories per teaspoon. A huge difference from butter or margarine! 2 envelopes of Butter Buds Mix is equal to 1/4 cup of the Butter Buds Sprinkles. Also, Butter Buds has a refridgerator life of only 3 days once it's been liquified, so I blend all the ingredients for this spread but wait to add the Butter Buds as I want to use it. 1/4 cup of the cottage cheese mixture with 1/2 Tablespoon of Butter Buds Sprinkles mixed in at the last minute is the right ratio.
Recipe by Gayle W

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