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101 ways to eat cottage cheese

DISCLAIMER - and not just the legal variety either!


This is my official disclaimer about this forum. It is not meant to scare or truamatize anyone, just make sure that we're all on the same page for expectations. :-)

I am NOT a doctor. Repeat NOT. I am also NOT certified by any educational institution to educate others on physical education.

I AM an ordinary working girl who happens to be fascinated by knowledge and learning how things work or why, with a knack for finding good articles or links. Lately a lot of this "research" has been in the areas of nutrition and fitness as I attempt to learn why certain things work and how diet and exercise can reshape a person physically and mentally.

So, where does all the "stuff" on this forum come from? Often someone asks me a question, I see a lot of posts around a specific topic on the boards I hang out on, or I get curious about a topic. Once that happens, I'm like any other curious cat, and off I go, brushing my tail against the annals of any location of knowledge I can find that looks reputable.

Why should you trust what I say? Well, frankly, you shouldn't. Very Happy

I expect you to do the same thing I do -- which is read what I got from the research, filter it against your own knowledge and world view, and critically review anything that makes your eyebrows go up. If you think that I got the wrong idea, am flat out confusing people, or am using sites that you don't trust for a valid reason, let me know, and I'll be happy to update. (Mind you, you have to help me with this - just "I think she has bad hair and so you shouldn't use her site" isn't going to work! ;-)

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy what I've found, and feel free to come up with other things you'd like to see me dig up information on. :-)

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