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Is it easier to STAY fit vs. trying to GET fit?

The answer (as all real answers are) is kind of complicated.


Once you hit a certain point, where you have enough muscle to chew through fat easier, yes, it IS easier to maintain. However, what a LOT of people on BFL discover is that your standards get higher as you get fitter and trimmer.


So, and I'll pick on myself for this, when I started my first challenge, I just wanted to fit into my size 8s again. But once I got there, I realized that I could be SO MUCH better, and I really WANTED to be smaller and fitter. That gave me the impetus to make it through Challenge 3.


Now however, it's not about being a small size anymore (although as a size 4, I suppose I qualify), it's about being fit enough to do the things I want to do - like dance and participate in the Portland Marathon 5 mile race.


That means I'm swapping out certain things from BFL to accomplish my goals; not because BFL isn't perfect the way it is; but because these are things I find I'm passionate about. I find that because I'm passionate about them, it's not psychologically as hard to "get fitter"; but it's just as physically demanding.


Hope that helps,


(A.k.a. Dancing Blonde)

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