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101 ways to eat cottage cheese
Welcome to my site and blog!

This site is the home to someone who can't make up their mind about what they're interested in. Sort of like a child when asked to decide between ice cream and cake, I tend to want both; and could we throw in some marzipan, reese's pieces and girl scout cookies too???? :-)
So, what will you find here:
  • I've develped an addiction to the gym, which I use to power my other addictions - dance, hiking, photography and mountain biking. So there's a lot of interest in BFL and exercise related stuff.
  • I have two furrballs that are always inventing new ways to get themselves in trouble and scare the daylights out of me - expect lots of references to them.
  • I live with my husband and our roomate, so strange things have been known to happen there - especially if I let them loose in the kitchen without supervision!
I can usually be found either online at the Women on Body for Life boards, or trying desperately to inhale a large stack of books about just about anything!

The world through the eyes of my cat... or are they my eyes? It's so hard to tell with a camera!
If nothing else, this can serve as your warning that the view from here may be a bit on the random side. :-)
Meet one of my fuzzies, affectionately (or at least normally affectionately) known as the Demon. Her real name is Lailoken (Lilo for short), and she's half of the furball contingent in my house. The other half, Blackavar (Black for short) is probably busy rolling around the house somewhere inviting anyone to play with her belly.
BTW, if you hadn't read the toolbar (and after all, who would) you can link directly to my Blog from here:


MMM... fuzzy AND shiny!
New definition of Cat's eyes?

Feel free to send me an email so I know this actually has usefulness!

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