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Home made cottage cheese
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Homemade cottage cheese

2 gallons of skimmed milk
1 cup buttermilk
This recipe is drier and not soupy (unless you put cream with it just before you eat it.) If you put the cream on it when you make it then it will sour and be too 'tart' to eat. I prefer it without the cream as that is how my grandmother made it. My recipe is my grandmother's, and makes a small curd cheese. To about two gallons of skimmed milk I add a cup of buttermilk and allow the milk to come to room temperature and sit, covered, for 24 hours. I then gently cut the curd into about half inch cubes and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Then I start to very gently stir and warm the curds. I do this by using a 'double boiler' method where I heat the water gently, raising the temperature about a degree a minute until it gets about 110 F and let it stay there for about thirty minutes. Then raise it to about 120 and keep stirring gently until the curds are 'dry'.... in other words they will shrink up and sink to the bottom of the pot. If you bite into the curd and it is like yogurt it is not done yet. When it is done, strain and rinse with ice cold water and put into cheese cloth and squeeze out the moisture until it is dry enough to suit you. Salt and put into container and refrigerate.
Recipe by Donna R Myers-Raybon (a lucky grrl who has her own cows and goats)

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