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Protein Blintz
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Protein Blintz

2 eggs
1/3 cup dry curd cottage cheese
frozen blueberries, defrosted to room temperature (you can use whatever fruit you like here, but I use frozen blueberries since they keep well for long periods when fresh berries aren't in season, and they're not packed in syrup)
Sweetener (Sugar, Splenda, Stevia) - Optional
Beat eggs and pour into small nonstick frying pan heated over medium heat, as if for an omelet. When the edges begin to firm up, push them towards the centre so that the runny stuff in the middle puddles out and cooks.
After doing this once or twice, spoon cottage cheese and blueberries on top. Allow the eggs to set fully. The bottom of the omelet should be golden brown (turn it up with a spatula to check).
You can either roll up the omelet into a cylinder like a blintz, or simply slide it off the pan and fold it in half like an omelet. If this isn't sweet enough, try beating a little bit of sugar or sweetener (like Splenda) into the eggs beforehand. I don't like it too sweet.

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